Sunday, April 3, 2011


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  1. Elizabeth,
    Are you still involved in NYC Hold? I live in Pelham, NY and we are desperately trying to get rid of Investigations (we being parents) and are meeting with resistance from the board and facing scared teachers who have been told to toe the line. We have spent countless hours digging through research, calling some professors and educators, etc. and have presented facts to the board. We also have many parents who are really concerned but don't know very much about the math and really would benefit from hearing it from experts and being able to ask questions. We are trying to organize a math night with guest speakers on this topic, who can both outline what is so very wrong with Investigations and what good math looks like and WHY it matters. We will invite our board of ed and superintendent and director of elementary curriculum (who implemented the program and seems to be married to it/staking his life on keeping it). We are very, very much hoping we can draw on expertise or possibly help from NYC Hold or folks who are still pressing on this mater that you could help me get in touch with, perhaps...

    Please let me know if you can help, have time to talk, can point me in the right direction or all of the above!
    Jennifer Slattery
    Pelham, NY mom

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